how can I pay?

credit card — visa / mastercard
The easiest way to purchase. Easy, quick and safe. Follow the steps of the purchasing process. We won’t have access to your bank data.

bank transfer
This is our account for payments from outside Spain:
 La Caixa IBAN ES75 2100 5641 0802 0008 0664. 
Once we receive the payment we will send your order.

You need to have a Paypal account. Ours is peseta@peseta.org. Once we receive the payment we will send your order.  Orders paid by Paypal will be charged 1 € extra.. we’re really sorry about that, is just Paypal policy. ;(

when will I receive my order?

when will I receive my order?
If you place your order before 4pm, it’ll take around 96 hours after payment confirmation. Inside Spain we work with GLS (private company). It is important to give us an address where they can deliver personally. They try it twice a day and then the order is send to their closest office, where you will have to go and pick up.
During the year we celebrate a few outlets or we have special offers. In those cases, sometimes we receive too many orders so maybe we send it one or two days after the order was made. International shipping doesn’t include local taxes.

how can i clean my peSeta?

Fabric is the main material, so it’s important how to clean it. We always recommend hand washing because you may find one of the fabrics shrinking or dying the whole. But we have a tip for you: put a little ammonia in a bucket of water, soak a sponge and rub it. Ammonia brings back the bright colors but it smells a little too strong.

are all the products just like the one I see in the images?

We care a lot about each of the products we make. Now that we produce series and collections, sometimes some of the products are almost exactly. But it can happen that, due to some patterns, the one you receive is not exactly like the one you see in the images. Sometimes is a little change (the elastic strip inside, some lining, buttons or handles) and sometimes it affect the main fabric. In these cases, we use to advise in the product info.

do you ever repeat any product?

It’s really unusual, but sometimes it can happen -like, i.e., socks and shirts. But we love to change, thou. Products from the Siempre collection are a great exception: Siempre means “always” so we’ll be making and selling those products all year long.

can I sell peSeta products in my store?

We’d love that! Write at bianca(a)peseta.org to get prices and info.

can I change or return my order?

Sure you can (except shen you placed your order during Outlets), but bear in mind a couple of things:
– You can change your order within 25 working days after placing it. First thing is writing at tienda(a)peseta.org .
– Products must be in perfect shape, no damages, no use.
– You will have to take care of the return, including shipping, taxes, Customs, etc.
– We will have 30 days after receiving your return to pay you back. Shipping costs are not included here.
– If you payed through Paypal, we will pay you back the same way.
If you want more information please write at tiend(a)peseta.org or dial +34915211404.

what's up with taxes?

Inside the EU, prices have IVA (VAT) included. Outside Canary Islands and the EU, the price will be the same but you will have to take care of the eventual local taxes.

can I get an invoice?

Sure! We just need you to tell us your company tax code when placing your order.

do I need to register when placing an order?

Not at all. We are not really into making you lose your time.

where do you make your products?

We work with local factories and cooperatives in the region of Madrid. Sometimes we make our socks in Portugal. This is really important for us; we want to know personally the people who work with us, we want to know that they work with similar working ethics and conditions as ours.
Respect is key for us: we respect all the people and materials involved in the process and we want to make the lowest environmental impact possible. We have to leave this planet knowing we didn’t help in its destruction.

can I contact you guys?

Sure! What do you need?
If it’s about your order, please write at tienda(a)peseta.org or dial +34915211404.
If it’s about press, PR, communication or our website, please write at jaime(a)peseta.org or dial +34915211404.
If it’s about selling our products at your store, please write at bianca(a)peseta.org.
For general inquiries, please write at peseta(a)peseta.org
casa peSeta SL. Avenida Pedro Díez 38, 28109 Madrid, Spain