H O W    W E    D O    I T

We make textile products but it’s not easy to know what we’ll be doing in the future since we’ve been adding new products, projects and ideas to our company profile since the very beginning. Anyway, one thing is clear, “how” we’ll do it: with joy and respect and looking for a perfect balance between all the elements of the process. Joy is a key element, no joy, you don’t enjoy.

Respect is due to all the people involved in the process: we know the names of the people we work with (providers, seamstresses, transport guys, etc) and we value their tasks. We want them to be a positive part of the whole process and to have the labor conditions and ethic views we have at peSeta.

Local production

For us, it is essential to produce in Madrid or, at least, within the Iberian peninsula. It’s not only a matter of control, it is about respect and getting things done the way our heart dictates. The fabrics, thou, come from all over the world (we’ve used so far fabrics from more than 40 cities around the world).
We know personally each of one of those involved in the process of producing our products (watch images below). 

Environmental respect

Well, let’s better talk again about Respect. In general, for all. We’d love to leave this world in a better situation than when we arrived; as a company and as individuals. It’s all about respecting the people involved in the process but also the materials, the environment, mother earth. You can call us hippies but you will never be able to call us enemies of the climate.

Mixing artistic and functional

We don’t offer a trend, style or fashion; we just show they way we like things done, how we see the world around us and how we interact with it. That’s why we try to make products both beautiful inside and outside, literally and figurative speaking… We also try to cultivate a healthy fear or approach for anything that’s too cute… just in case.