Printed hankies Pieles


Original printed hankerchief in 3 sizes: pocket, neck or head. Choose the size you need or get a couple or the whole set. Due to the print design, each one is different, unique. The fist pattern is called “Pieles” (skins) and displays a beautiful range of unique hands calling up to celebrate diversity and uniqueness. There are but millions of nonpareil skin tones and they all go pretty well when they mingle. Our winter collection celebrates Revolution through diversity: Women revolution, identity variety and mélange of skin colors.

L  68 x 68 cm. 9 €
M 44 x 44 cm. 13 €
S 33 x 33 cm. 21 €
composition: 100% cotton
made in
 Madrid, Spain
If you want to know how to clean it click here.

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