Scrunchie Algas


Scrunchie or hair tie with peSeta Seaweed print.
composition SEAQUAL® YARN 100%
made in Spain

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These scrunchies have been made in a workshop in Madrid, Spain, using Upcycled Marine Plastic, thanks to a license from SEAQUAL INICIATIVE. SEAQUAL INICIATIVE works with NGOs, fishermen, authorities and local communities to help clean up our oceans. Marine litter is collected from our beaches, ocean bottom and surface, rivers and estuaries. It is then classified into different types of material and the plastic part is cleaned and transformed into Upcycled Marine Plastic.

By choosing products that contain Upcycled Marine Plastic like these Pieles patterned leggings, you are helping to clean up our oceans. Environmentally conscious brands and manufacturers then transform this new fully traceable raw material into inspired sustainable products for every aspect of our lives. Consumers buying Power is one of the most powerful tools for change. And that fits a lot with the way we do things.

In addition to being licensed by SEAQUAL INICIATIVE to use SEAQUAL® YARN, we are committed to communicating this initiative. We want to help raise awareness and sensitization on the problem of plastic pollution of the oceans.

This is a community of individuals, organizations and companies working together: from fishermen, producers, brands and consumers to researchers and disseminators. More than 99 tons of marine litter have already been transformed into Recycled Marine Plastic. 600 tons of waste have been cleaned and brands and producers from 46 countries participate.

We recommend that you enter their website and read carefully everything they have, both about the problem and the different proposals and initiatives.


Photography: @ victoria.gee

Models: @lapili_, @mcmsamba, @allegriamorales aka, Manu Morales

These are three artists closely linked to music, and you already know that in this house we really like music and music.