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Hygienic fabric mask with triple layer and filter hole.
It has a metal whale to fit the nose and also makes the shape of the chin so it fits perfectly to the face, allowing you to speak and breathe without having the mask stuck in your mouth.
The length of the elastics can be adjusted to your liking by making a small knot.
It has an internal hole for a disposable filter (filters not included, but you can get packs of 10 filters here).

One size for adults and children from 12 years.
Measurements: from side to side 23 cm. Maximum height 17 cm.

The outer fabric layer is 100% cotton and the inside is reinforced with a light material that gives it its shape.
It also has 2 layers inside, also made of 100% cotton so that the filter pocket is perfectly finished and does not fray with washing. The elastics are 1.7 mm thick, 70% polyester 30% elastane, with an elasticity of 200%.

They should be washed at 60 degrees or higher after each use and after the filter is removed.
You can wash it in the washing machine.

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The pattern varies from one unit to another making them almost unique.

As it is a limited series, the lining and the color of the elastic may vary and may not be exactly like the one in the photo.

Due to the characteristics of this product, returns are not allowed.Our hygienic printed fabric mask has been made with a totally clean process, but we recommend disinfecting it before the first use. The shrinkage index, in the case of 100% cotton fabrics, can range between 2% and 5%.

We have made these reusable masks from patterned fabric to help contain the contagion curve.

Take care and follow the instructions of the official bodies.

This device is not a medical device within the meaning of Directive 93/42 or Regulation EU / 2017/745, nor is it a personal protective equipment within the meaning of Regulation EU / 2016/425. These masks should be used personally. It should not be used in children under 3 years of age.

You can buy a pack of 10 washable filters by clicking here.


For the cleaning and disinfection of reusable hygienic masks, any of the following methods may be followed:

Washing and disinfecting the masks with normal detergent and water at a temperature between 60º-90º (normal washing machine cycle).

Contact between a dirty mask (to be washed) and clean clothing should be avoided. The person in charge of the wash must protect themselves to handle dirty masks.

Products that can degrade or damage the materials and that diminish their protective capacity should not be used.

Wait for the mask to dry completely within 2 hours of washing.
It should not be dried or sanitized with a microwave oven.
Both during drying and later storage of the mask, avoid environments in which the mask can become contaminated again.

After each wash cycle, perform a visual inspection (with protective gloves or washed hands). If you detect any damage to the mask (less fit, warping, wear, etc.), you should discard the mask.


The hygienic mask does not exempt the user from the application of barrier gestures complemented by social distancing measures that are essential in accordance with the recommendations indicated by the Ministry of Health.

NOTE: Collective protection measures take priority over individual protection measures.

For the mask to be effective it must be used correctly as indicated below.
For this reason, the donning, use and removal of hygienic masks for children should be supervised by an adult.

Putting on the mask
The mask must be placed on bare skin (that is, without the presence of hair in contact with the user’s skin and, for some people, shaved skin) and follow the following steps:

Wash your hands with soap and water or rub them with a hydroalcoholic solution before handling the mask.

Identify the top of the mask.
Position the mask on the face, at the level of the nose.
Hold the mask from the outside and fasten the elastics on both sides of the ears.
Lower the lower part of the mask to the chin.

For reasons of comfort and hygiene, we recommend not using the mask for a time longer than 4 hours in a row. If it becomes damp or deteriorates due to use, it is recommended to replace it with another.

The mask should be washed whenever it gets dirty, wet, or cannot be placed properly on the face.
The mask should not be used if it is dirty or wet.
In the event that it is to be stored temporarily, contact with any surface should be avoided. It should also not be placed in a waiting position on the forehead or under the chin during and after use.

You can also see two tutorials for those who want to make them at home, sewing by hand or by machine.

You can see the first one by clicking here.
The second we did with TNT (non-woven fabric) when the recommendations of the Ministry of Industry came out.